8 Sexies Male Idols Cross-dressing in K-Dramas

8 Sexies Male Idols Cross-dressing in K-Dramas

BeritaKe.com – Cross-dressing is an exceedingly commercial trope in K-Dramas. One of your principalt K-Dramas might have been “Coffee Prince” or “You’re Beautiful.” There are so many, but did you perceive that most of the gender-bending requires females cross-dressing as males rather than males dressing as females? While we relish women cross-dressing as men,mainly if it’s for a strong motivation such as in “Painter of the Wind” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” it’s all the more exhilarating when we look men dressing up as women in K-Dramas since it is a bit more scarce. So let’s go ahead and check out some of our popular male actors dressing up as women.


1. Ji Sung

Ji Sung’s tremendous Ahn Yo Na personality in “Kill Me, Heal Me” is probably most recent in our impressions. Mischievousschoolgirl Ahn Yo Na is one of seven different specification that the idol is depicting. His lip tint loving acting was so good that he sold out that especial makeup product. Wouldn’t you like to view more idolss with solemn pictures try cross-dressing?

Here’s an extra picture of the actor acting as bad boy Shin Se Gi who changes his identity into Ahn Yo Na, as indicated by the supplication of lip gloss.


2. Lee Jang Woo


Lee Jang Woo’spersonality is necessitated to use heels for a week in order to understand what women feel when they wear heels in “I Do, I Do.” His friend persuades him to go the further mile and dress up as a woman for a day. The outcome is a girlified Lee Jang Woo for our looking happiness. Below is a bonus image of him modifying his clothing.


3. Seo Jun Young

SeoJunYoung1Actor Seo Jun Young has a profession containing of a variety of parts, but exactly not many feminine parts. I was happily astonished to see that he could be anappealing female as well. In “To the Beautiful You,” he dresses up as a girl for a skill show where boys  participate to be the most beautiful girl. His fellow cast group is up next!

4. Lee Hyun Woo

LeeHyunWooLee Hyun Woo dressed up as a lovely schoolgirl in “To the Beautiful You” for a few scenes. His bashful signals are quite persuading aren’t they? This drama secures for having the most males cross-dress as females. Z:EA’s Kwanghee also participated in the talent show raised above.


5. Sunwoong

Sunwoong1You might not realize Sunwoong, a part of boy group Touch, but he believe makes for a attractive guy and girl. In “Ma Boy,” which idols Kim So Hyun as the principal character, Sunwoong images a boy who also dresses up as a female CF star. While Sunwoong looks good-looking feminine in the drama, he looks more virile outside of this character.

6. Jung Il Woo

JungIlWoo1We couldn’t exclude sageuk cross-dressing; how do you love men in hanboks? Jung Il Woo revealed that his kind of pretty expands to both genders in “Moon River” (also known as”Return of Iljimae”). He dresses as a gisaeng in order to obtain some instruction. Here’s some more prettiness to gaze at.


7. Lee Min Ho

LeeMinHo1Previous to his “Boys Over Flowers” sellout andrenown, Lee Min Ho dressed up as a school girl in “Mackerel Run.” I couldn’t aware him when I first saw this image, how about you?

8. Choi Woo Shik

choiwooshik1“Hogu’s Love” star Choi Woo Shik dressed up as a lovely lady in the sageuk drama “The Duo” back in 2011. The cute actor actually also cross-dressed for “Rooftop Prince” a year later. Who would like to see him do it again in his latest drama?

That’s all for our list of hot male idols cross-dressing in K-Dramas. conceivably there will be more to come for our amusement. Which actors were the most satisfying and who else would you love to look dressed up as a female? poll and share your opinions below!

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